Our Team

We are a family-run, team-based real estate business

We are a family-run, team-based real estate business

In 2004, Sorin Preda, an experienced executive in the field of telecommunications and marketing, founded Global Vision as a company primarily active in the construction sector. Sorin’s agile and straightforward approach to business was right from the start embraced as the company’s principal guideline for work conduct. This attitude was the main driver behind Global Vision’s evolution throughout the years, as the spectrum of areas of interest grew due to cumulated experience. Nowadays, Global Vision is a mature real estate company that incorporates all relevant services along the real estate value chain: investments, co-financing, development, construction, and management of assets.

Our activity is powered by a dynamic team of passionate independent owners with diverse yet complimenting skill sets.

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Whether you are a fresh mind just out of college, or an established professional open for a new challenge, if you feel you resonate with our company culture, let’s start a conversation, we are just a click away. Check out our job openings or directly send us your CV.