Global Vision’s activity is structured on three interconnected areas of expertise, each acting as a division of the group:

Our company addresses any type of needs in real estate industry for medium and large-scale investments:

  • office buildings;
  • industrial properties: warehouses, plants, service areas;
  • residential properties;
  • commercial properties: malls, parking buildings, commercial galleries;
  • mixed development projects: office, commercial.

Global Vision provides solutions for all property’s life stages under a single point of contact by appraising development concepts, assessing the risks involved and structuring control parameters for technical and management standard compliance, increasing the property’s life span and revenue level, improving the quality of services and maximizing customer satisfaction, while reducing clients’ costs.

Through the Property Development Division, Global Vision identifies opportunities and turns them into valuable assets that can bring exceptional rates of return on the initial investment.

property development

Property Development
The Property and Facility Management department was set up to supply for the ever increasing property owners’ query to manage their assets and maximize the revenue of their investment.
Property and Facility Management

property and facility management

Building Construction is one of our core competencies by providing services and management in the field of building construction, civil engineering and industrial construction.
Building Construction

building construction