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Constanța Business Park: first logistics unit approaching handover

April 30, 2020

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First units in our new logistics park developments CONSTANTA BUSINESS PARK now approach final commissioning and handover. Strategically located in the nearest proximity of busiest access junctions to the 2 major cities, efficient in-city distribution is much facilitated as on-line delivery grows exponentially.

We always seek to follow several main guidelines to assist our tenant’s in optimizing their operations and maintain competitivity:

Flexibility and adaptability – Large single roof units able to accommodate a single tenant or a mixture of users in separated sealed compartments of minimum 1,400 m2 footprint, each benefitting from necessary commodities – dedicated car and truck parking, equal loading bays ration, metered utility consumption, and secured premises;

Plan Ahead – specifications ready to meet challenges – maximum clear height allowed in urban planning, slab loads designed to support full-height racking, adjustable LED grid to enable racking re-arrangement, high-performance cladding and roofing insulation, special considerations for strong roofs that can hold heavy-weight cooling units, external electrical connections supply for cold trucks and designated locations for cold storage plant and equipment.

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Constanța Business Park: first logistics unit approaching handover
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