Mindspace TCI

The newest Mindspace location is a new and modern architectural concept, with beautiful and appealing co-working spaces, as well as all-inclusive amenities. Extended over a generous 2,000 sq.m. area, the space delivers numerous benefits and proximity to the heart of Bucharest, being a well suited alternative for travelling business people.

New Global Vision offices in Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca, one of the fastest developing cities in Romania’s last decade, becomes a new home for the Global Vision team. We open our newest offices in a leading city, both in terms of workforce dynamics and in innovation.

First Bank

Global Vision delivers technical maintenance for the First Bank branches, as well as representation and advising services for its structure of existing properties.

Mindspace Campus

The end of 2018 marked a premiere in the co-working spaces market, with the launch of Mindspace, a fresh concept designed for all range of specialists and companies that have their core business from technology consultancy to accountancy.


MX1, leading global media services provider, now enjoys a leading-quality office space that combines comfort and innovation, within the BOC Tower, in Bucharest. The Global Vision team has provided top quality fit-out services for 1,250 sq.m. of office space while, at the same time, designing and building a customized metallic structure for technical equipment on the roof of the building.

Dante Aligheri 6-10

Another boutique but exclusive residential compound in the property and facility management portfolio, where Global Vision was assigned to deliver the entire range of services.


Facility Management services for CITI Bank starting 1st of February, for over 4000 sqm, including the headquarters of the banking institution.


Considering their experience with Global Vision in deliverinh high standard cleaning services, we were awarded to add to our portfolio their premises in Ploiesti West Park.


After first collaboration on delivering turn-key project for Valeo and its’ business development in Romania, the company decided to expand their existing Premises In Timisoara Airport Park with 13 500 square meters.

Auditorium for German Financial Services Provider

Being more than 750 employees attracted by this company in the past 3 years and being hard for them to find accomodation for their organized events, as well as considering to create a place and a series of events to connect B2B companies that deliver the same range of services, the decision for an Auditorium inside their premises seemed the obvious choice for them.

An American Engineering Conglomerate

After fruitful collaborations on other facility services, Global Vision was entrusted to deliver HVAC maintenance services for the vital areas of the HQ.

Upground Compound refurbishment

Considering the life span of a heavily traffic office and residential area and the need for a facelift, the owner considered a refurbishment of exterior and interior areas providing new green and informal areas, as well as redesign of the Compound in its’ entirety.

An American Engineering Conglomerate

Already totaling over 20 000 square meters and getting close to occupying 50% of BOC Tower and considering previous collaboration for fit-out works, we have undertaken the role and responsibilities to implement all specialties works for their new expansion.

The Digital Industrial Company

After a series of small interactions on build-out services, our client decided to take a leap forward and ask for our assistance in related protocol services, cleaning, technical maintenance and other related day-to-day activities to smooth the lives of their employees at workplace.

Oil Field Service Company

Together with one of our clients, we implemented a series of soft services in Ploiesti plant. Starting 1st of April 2016, we assured cleaning and security services.

An American Engineering Conglomerate

The conglomerate opted for expanding their premises in BOC Tower on 2 new different floors, adding to its’ current total surface for HQ another 3 000 square meters; project delivered in less than 2 months.

A German Financial Services Provider

As a small step towards the forward notable expansion of its’ premises, this company first expanded on horizontal of the same floor where it all started for the Romanian HQ. Works were delivered in weeks time, 2 1/2 to be more precise.


Goodyear leased 1 200 sq.m. of office space for its new headquarters in Floreasca Business Park. The space was ready-to-use in only 5 weeks with an investment of 133 000 EUR.

Johnson Controls Jimbolia

Johnson Controls started a process of refurbishment and reconfiguration of the existing premises in Timisoara. The investment reached 70 000 EUR and the project was completed in 2 months.


Continental warehouse is a 44 500 sq. m. industrial project located in the economic center of West Romania, in one of the largest industrial park, namely Timisoara Airport Park (TAP).


The Elster warehouse, a high-end class A mixed-use facility, is located in the economic centre of West Romania, in one of the largest industrial park, namely Timisoara Airport Park (TAP)

Origami Residence

Origami Residence is an exclusive residential project located in the Elisabetin neighborhood, the most treasured residential area in the City of Timisoara.

Bratianu Business Center

Bratianu Business Center is a monument building configured on eight levels and totalizing 3 400 sq. m., having commercial and office areas. It has a privileged location at ground zero of Bucharest.

BOC Lobby

The lobby reception area of BOC Tower was reconfigured, by creating lounge and informal meeting areas and multi-functional conference rooms.

City Offices

City Offices is a mixed use property comprising office and retail areas and a multilevel parking with 882 units. Being initially designed as a shopping mall, it was converted into an AA class office building in less than 7 months.


Snamprogetti is one of the first tenants of BOB Tower since its opening, having leased a total surface of 3 500 sq. m.

A German Financial Services Provider

One of the leading german financial services provider that recently entered the Romanian market selected BOB Tower as the location for its new back office support site. The 6 028 sq. m. space was ready-to-use in 5 months after an investment of 2 680 000 EUR.

An American IT Multinational

A Multinational IT Company decided to extend its rented surface in BOC Tower and hired Global Vision as the general contractor for the fit-out works of the new 1 187 sq. m. space.

A Public Administrative Institution

A public administrative institution decided to relocate in Bucharest Tower Center, having a GLA of 2 800 sq. m. The project was executed in a record time as we delivered a fully-responsive generous space of 2 800 sq. m. in 3 weeks.

A Global Leader in Audit Services

A global leader in audit services decided to relocate its Romanian Headquarters in Bucharest Tower Center, having rented 2 625 sq. m.. The timetable was twelve weeks for the fit-out of six floors of prime office space, reaching an investment value of almost 1 000 000 Euros.

Hospice – Casa Sperantei

Hospice – Casa Sperantei comprises 3 421.97 sq. m. over four stories and consists of eight wards with 23 beds each, treatment and physiotherapy rooms and all the facilities necessary to support the patients.

Clearanswer Europe

Clearanswer Europe was a tenant of BOC Tower which decided to relocate its 1 234 sq. m. premises in BOB Tower. The new space was ready to use in 1 ½ months and the investment reached to 119 923 EUR.

An American Engineering Conglomerate

An American engineering conglomerate decided to extent its office area in BOC Tower by an additional 3 860 sq. m. over two floors. The 3 860 sq. m project was finished in just 3 ½ months, reaching an investment value of 850 000 EUR.

Romanian Basketball Federation Headquarters

The Romanian Basketball Federation (FRB) is a 1 000 sq. m. structure comprised of several offices, a conference room, cafeterias at each level and a fitness facility. It was founded in 1931 and is co-founder (1932) of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Mood Media

Mood Media is the global leader for experience design solutions, having leased 2 500 sq. m. in BOC Tower. In time, a reliable business relationship developed between Intel and Global Vision.


2011 brought a new industrial park development in Timisoara, with Valeo opening a factory near Airport facilities, in Giarmata. 27 000 square meters of warehouse were executed in approximately 8 months, including feasibility studies, permits and all execution works for a fully functional space.

11 Iunie Office Building

11 Iunie Office Building was completed in 1997 and has eight stories, one underground and seven above ground and a GLA of 3 500 sq. m.

My Dream Residence

My Dream Residence is a residential compound located in Pipera which comprises 3 buildings with 8 floors and 183 apartment units.

A Multinational IT Company

A well-known multinational IT company rented 3 500 sq. m. of office space in BOC Tower. In time, a reliable business relationship developed between our company  and the IT giant.

World Class Health Academy at Upground

World Class’ sports facility in Upground has a GLA of 3 500 sqm and provides access to the Gym, Aerobics, Cycling and Relaxation Area & Spa for Upground residents and BOB and BOC tenants.

Fan Courier

Fan Courier is an industrial project, built on a land of 5 500 sq. m. on the outskirts of Timisoara and comprising of a warehouse, a service facility and an office area.

Upground Residential

Upground Residential is a residential compound formed of 2 seventeen-story blocks of flats, each having access to 3 underground parking levels.

BOC Tower

BOC is a Class “A” multi-tenanted office building located in the northern part of Bucharest, having a GLA of 58 581 sq. m. (above ground) and 26 358 sq. m. (underground).

Olympus Tower

Olympus Tower is a five-story AA class office building with a GLA of 25 000 sq. m., currently the HQ of Bancpost, member of Eurobank EFG.

Basketball Arena

Basketball Arena is the first Romanian basketball hall entirely and uniquely dedicated to this sport, completely restored by Global Vision.


G4S is a mixed-use industrial complex, comprising of an office area, a warehouse and a cash processing center, with a GLA of 3 150 sq. m.


Euromaster is an industrial project, built on 3 700 sq. m. comprising of an office area, warehouse and a car service area.

Omnilogic Corporate Campus

Omnilogic Corporate Campus comprises two office buildings of 12,000 sq. m., a warehouse of 3,000 sq. m., a datacenter building of 2,000 sq. m. accredited by BSI (British Standard Institute) with ISO 27000 and 8,000 sq. m. parking lot.

BOB Tower

BOB is a modern Class “A” multi-tenanted office building located in the northern part of Bucharest, with a GLA of 23 631 sq. m.

Eliade Tower

Eliade Tower is a ten-story office building located in Floreasca area, having a GLA of 9 700 sq. m.

South Center Parking

South Center Parking was the second largest parking building in Romania at the time initially raised in order to serve City Mall’s clients, having a tunnel connection with the second floor of the gallery.


Formerly the headquarters of Bancpost (Eurobank EFG) and ERS, PGV Tower is one of the first AA-class office buildings developed in Bucharest and a landmark of its neighborhood.

City Mall

City Mall was a shopping center in Bucharest developed on three underground floors, ground floor and 5 levels above ground, with a GLA of 32 245 sq. m.

Global Vision

Global Vision is established.

In May 2015, Suvoda Software signed a lease agreement with Global Vision for 900 sq.m....
Origami residential ensemble is displayed on 8 levels, with an underground level for parking, ground...
Litens' plans in Romania aim Eastern Europe area and in the first instance it shall...
Following our collaboration to the facility management division of Johnson Controls, we became preferential partner...
The Elster warehouse, a high-end class A mixed-use facility, is located in the economic centre...
The property was originally developed as a shopping center which was known as City Mall,...
In August 2014, The Owner decided to improve the functionality and value of the building...
A renowned German Financial Services Provider selected Bucharest as the location for its first back office...

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