Property Development

Through the Property Development Division, Global Vision identifies opportunities and turns them into valuable assets that can bring exceptional rates of return on the initial investment.

Global Vision delivers specific services for the two major categories of real estate development:

•             Land Development

•             Building Development

We start by identifying a site and continue through to delivery of a completed turnkey building.

To date, Global Vision has developed a wide range of real estate projects in Bucharest and Timisoara, including office, industrial, commercial and residential properties, totaling over 100,000 square meters.

With a team of highly experienced professionals, Global Vision covers every phase of developing a project from market research and site selection, property acquisition and entitlements, project design to the final execution and delivery of the project.

Property Development


Market research – issues comparison models for optimal selection as well as reports for present vs. future conditions, analyzes project’s profitability and its economic potential and tracks scope of competition.

Site Selection – runs site investigation and feasibility study, analyzes site conditions, labor and demographic assessments, studies legal conditions, restrictions & risk factors and issues cost modeling and control system plans.

Design – provides with architectural design and bill of quantities and issues & assists in engineering review and approval.

Construction Management – coordinates and controls specialty contractors and site activities, issues financial planning and engineering solutions, reports cost control results, organizes and evaluates tender results and assists in permit requests and associated inspections.

Property Acquisition& Entitlements – provides with legal consulting, tax planning, investment advice, assistance in negotiations/closures, assistance in road, utility, landscaping approvals and due diligence review.

Sales& Leasing Management – function that offers complete services, from lease negotiations to lease execution or renewal and contract monitoring;

Marketing& Communication Management – provides sales strategy consultancy, surveying and analysis, asset positioning and advertising.


Property development projects

The client portfolio includes: ContinentalElsterValeoBratianu Business CenterOrigami ResidenceG4S , EuromasterFan Courier.

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