Building Construction

Building Construction is one of our core competencies by providing services and management in the field of building construction, civil engineering and industrial construction.

Global Vision delivers complete and integrated construction and pre-construction services, renovation and rehabilitation works, including the general contractor’s services, construction management, design and the performance of all types of construction works for different building destinations: commercial, retail, residential, industrial, office.

Global Vision’s developed a multi-disciplinary team that possesses technical experience, outstanding management skills and organizing competence continuously improved through specialized training, which are imperative assets in delivering all project management and construction activities:


Design – provides with architectural design and bill of quantities, issues and assists in engineering review and approval.

Construction Management – coordinates and controls specialty contractors and site activities, issues financial planning and engineering solutions, reports cost control results, organizes and evaluates tender results and assists in permit requests and associated inspections.

Project Management – offers legal consultancy, strategic planning, risk management solutions, project strategy as well as financing and budget planning, follows project scheduling policies and procedures and provides with project set up and controlling.

Financial Management – Plans and estimates costs, issues cost-cutting scenarios, controls budgets and provides with accounting reports, evaluates facility investment, offers supplier auditing and issues result reports.

Procurement& Supply-chain Management – follows acquisition policies, procedures and forms as well as invoicing and debt collection, negotiates pricing and contracts, coordinates contractors and manages stocks and inventory.


Building Construction projects


The client portfolio includes: ADP RomaniaSuvodaCity OfficesA German Financial Services Provider,  BOC LobbyA Global Audit Services ProviderA Public Administrative InstitutionClearanswer Europe, Johnson Controls JimboliaGoodyearAn American Engineering ConglomerateA Multinational IT CompanyOmnilogic Corporate CampusBOB Tower,Upground ResidenceCity Mall, South Center ParkingPGV TowerBasketball ArenaRomanian Basketball Federation HeadquartersHospice Casa SperanteiRomanian Cricket CouncilOlympus TowerEliade TowerBancpostOMVMedicoverAlvarion.

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