In May 2009, G4S closed a deal with Global Vision for building an industrial campus containing a cash processing center, a warehouse and an office area. However, G4S could not complete the task by hiring a general contractor. Instead, it needed a real estate developer with global understanding and expertise, who grasps the big picture and makes sure all elements are taken into account and acted upon.

Global Vision started the project by identifying a strategic location for the campus, then initiating feasibility studies, land acquisition, infrastructure development and entitlements, as well as delivering the project design for the campus.

Furthermore, Global Vision was responsible for both the project management and building construction and civil engineering, which included structure, building construction and installation deployment, as well as civil engineering (roads, alleys, parking lots).

After 6 months, Global Vision finalized the mixed-use industrial complex, comprising of an office area, a warehouse and a cash processing center, with a total GLA of 3 150 sq. m. and 1 300 000 investment.

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