G4S closed a deal with Global Vision, based on which the company delivered the entire range of real estate solutions, starting from property development, premises construction andcivil engineering to project management. Its activities included identifying a strategic location for the campus, feasibility studies, land acquisition, entitlements and infrastructure development, project design. Global Vision was in charge with delivering a fully operational facility, being assigned to executestructure, building construction and installationdeployment, as well as civil engineering works (roads, alleys, parking lots).

After 6 months, the company finalized the mixed-use building and presented its property management credentials and intention for continuing the collaboration.

Considering the involvement in all the stages, Global Vision has the necessary competitive advantage to be named property manager of the regional center.

Currently we perform facility and property management services such as: technical maintenance of generators, chillers, boilers, fire pumps & hydrants, fire detectionand management of all relations with third parties suppliers, including management of insurances.

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