The Conglomerate’s activities in Romania have grown significantly in recent years – from the standpoint of the range and quality of products and services that are provided to customers, and operations dimension.

The presence and operations of multinational enterprises in Romania has grown across multiple sectors, and with it the demand for prime office space in Bucharest. In this case, they decided to extend their office area in BOC Tower by an additional 3 860 sq. m. over two floors. As a result to previous successful collaborations with Global Vision, when it was time to choose a general contractor for the fit-out works, the company decided to once again award the contract to its reliable partner Global Vision.

The scope of works included Electrical, HVAC and Sanitary Installations, Security Systems, Fire Safety Systems and the implementation of the design concept and interior construction, as well as the implementation of a data center on each of the floors and project management services.

The 3 860 sq. m project was finished in just 3 ½ months.

In 2015, our client needed another space extension in BOC Tower.

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