Sorin Preda, Managing Director Global Vision, is one of the founding members of Cricket Romania. Cricket Romania is an institution whose main aim is managing and developing the game of cricket in Romania, as well as taking it into the international arena in the next decade.

The Romanian Cricket Council (RCC) promotes the value systems of sportsmanship, team work, leadership, commitment and above all fair-play, while bringing a sense of achievement and enjoyment to its participants.

Consistent with these goals, RCC has commissioned Global Vision to build a multifunctional cricket complex in Moara Vlasiei, located 20 km from Bucharest, and comprising of a Cricket Club, School and field. The multifunctional cricket complex is one of the most passion-filled and interesting projects Global Vision has worked on, since sports and a competitive mindset are an essential part of its business vision.

Sorin Preda: “I do believe that cricket could be the next big thing in the Romanian athletics if only because our national sport is oina, a fancy Romanian word for the old beautiful game of cricket. I feel we need the combination of precision, grace and power necessary to successfully compete in a cricket competition and for that I am willing to get myself involved and support the project 100%.”

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