The Family Business Network (FBN) is a non-profit international network set up in 1989 that is run by family businesses, with the aim of strengthening success over generations. The organization helps family businesses to grow, succeed and prosper through the exchange of best practices within its network.

FBN Romania was founded in 2012 by some of the country’s best known entrepreneurs – Sorin Preda, managing director of Global Vision, Mircea Tudor, head of MB Telecom, Gabriel Marin, chief executive of IT company Omnilogic and Florin Madar, owner of Temad.

At the beginning of 2015, the organization has registered businesses and is continually attracting new valuable members.

FBN Romania guides and provides help to family businesses on how to deal with issues such as financing, succession and how to attract non-family managers.

Being part of an exclusive business group, members of FBN Romania have access to local and international networking events along with some very important people in the world.

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