Dynamic Facades Bucharest, 18 October 2016, by Global Vision


Dynamic Facades: The Story

Throughout the architecture history, we have been looking into ways to turn the facade treatment into a pleasant visual impact for the public. But what pushes our boundaries now is how to make the facade more than just a static vertical architectural element. What if a facade functions more than just an envelope for a building? What if a facade responds to climate, technology, sunlight, or even natural element such as wind? What if a facade can constantly react to the surrounding and form a pattern of movement by itself? What if a “dynamic facade” proposal could respond to the environment and minimize the energy consumption?

The façade is a part of the urban fabric that builds up the city. It is a crucial component, especially considering public or commercial buildings or even offices on important avenues and streets. The visual impact of any structure for a layman is mostly associated with the structure's greatness, its aesthetics, its uniqueness, and how captivating it is apart from the amount invested in it by the companies. To top it up, people are becoming increasingly aware of their surrounding environment and prefer ideas and designs that are sustainable and environment friendly.

With the use of material and technology in a given set of boundaries and conditions, the contemporary architecture surfaces are classified into “dynamic” and “static”. The building envelope acts like a skin, an intermediate between the interior and the exterior. This skin has evolved over time, with the help of the engineered solutions; the purpose of dynamic facades is to assist in the progress of Sustainable and Responsive architecture. The dynamic facades act as filters between the indoors and the outdoors, facilitating the users to receive appropriate shade, sunlight, ventilation and a visual union with the world in motion outside. It is not a new idea, but it is only recently that architects have started utilizing this technology in their structures and designs.




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