Who we are


Established in 2004 by a group of highly experienced specialists, with 30-year+ cumulated experience in the field of real estate construction and management, Global Vision started as a building construction company and soon became the fastest growing property management company and a top choice in Romania for integrated solutions in property development, property and facility management and building construction.

Our company addresses any type of needs in real estate industry for medium and large-scale investments:

  • office buildings;
  • industrial properties: warehouses, plants, service areas;
  • residential properties;
  • commercial properties: malls, parking buildings, commercial galleries;
  • mixed development projects: office, commercial.

Global Vision’s activity is structured on three interconnected areas of expertise:

Global Vision sets apart from its competitors by focusing on the full life cycle of a property. Our work is not finished when the last brick is laid; instead we shift our attention to the next stage: managing its tenants/buyers and keeping a high level of customer satisfaction, ensuring the prosperity of our clients and continually improving our properties.

Global Vision regards its clients as partners hence its interest in identifying the needs corresponding to each stage of the property’s growth. In answering those needs, Global Vision has developed the required expertise to provide integrated property solutions, comprising property development, property and facility management and building construction.

Global Vision is built on the expertise of over 100 professionals in all disciplines of the real estate business who have an average work experience of over 15 years and are highly specialized in all areas of real estate development and management.

Our team members have strong educational credentials and professional certificates in property and facility management, building construction and project management, procurement and supply chain, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, human resources, legal advising.